Parking is simple and fully self serviced:
  1. Drive to our parking lot. Directions can be found here. A diagram of the parking lot can be found here.
  2. Take an envelope from our kiosk. The kiosk can be found at the south entrance to the parking lot. (The entrance closest to Performance Athletics)
  3. Park your car in one of the numbered spots. Numbered spots can be found along the south side of the lot.
  4. Fill out the envelope and place your check inside or pay by Venmo.
  5. Deposit your envelope in the kiosk on your walk to the terminal. Please cross Broad Street at the crosswalk.
  6. Here is a link to our most frequently asked questions.
  • Payment is by check or Venmo only.
  • Park at your own risk. Please secure valuables in an out of view location and lock your doors. We are not responsible for any loss or damage.
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